Artist Statement

 I make work about bodies and space: perceived and portrayed. Using my body as a tool, I intervene in daily performance rituals. I contextualize the creation of my body as an interventionist tool through printed matter, photographs, textiles and wallpaper.

In my photographs I bare the form that floats between foreground and background. I’m interested in the body stripped of material decorations, wherein the viewer is challenged by personal proximity; providing moments of voyeuristic spectatorship in which the body itself decorates the space.  

My decorative impulse can be seen in my wallpaper and textile designs, consisting of composite photographs repeated to make images on the scale of murals and textiles. I’m taking my “hyper awareness” of my body and jumbling it with ideas of beauty, domestic abuse, sexual abuse, body shaming and other experiences many women are confronted with and that have long haunted me. Mixing formalism and feminism I camouflage the body once again floating between foreground and background.

My interests in layered identities, portraiture, pattern, obsession, the anxiety of performance and exhibition, and distortions between foreground and background are grounded in the work of previous generations of artists, such as Cindy Sherman, Yayoi Kusama, and Sandy Skoglund. Where my work differs is in my commitment to self-presentation: I do not use different identities; I do not paint my wall pieces: I use photographs; I don’t want the viewer to be seduced by contrast: I use subtlety.  

While using various mediums my concept remains consistent; I provide an expression of body and space. Each process is indicative of the relationship between human form and the material; body as threads, body as wallpaper, body as photo, body as battleground.