Body and Space

There is a risk in standing out, There is a risk in blending in. 


"Some of the other work that captivates is photographic. There is a touch of a fool-the-viewer conceit to Shelbi Schroeder’s Vent, a color digital print, but it is done so well that it’s hard to resent the visual trick she accomplishes. The title is a clue and doesn’t seem to have much to do with the emotional implications of that term. She isn’t venting, but pointing our eyes toward the vent in the pictured room, where we find her hidden in plain sight. It’s as if the body is merging with the architecture, a conceit that contains echoes of her extensive Body as Textile and Wallpaper series. "

-Robert L. Pincus : Art critic for the Los Angeles Times & The San Diego Union-Tribune (March 2018 ESXLA: Transpose show- referencing image above)